Chapter 2


Welcome back to another chapter in Apocalyptic hell. What is an apocalypse, you ask? It’s an adventure where you see how miserable your Sims can get and how many rules you can break!  If you haven’t read the previous chapters I’d suggest you do or this could be a little confusing.

Over Christmas I decided to treat myself to all of the expansion packs, which means Walter can now find inner tranquility and preserve that green plumbob in the hopes of reaching the top of his career.


With Outdoor Retreat added the family can now enjoy fresh fish for every single meal instead of hamburgers and hot dogs how exciting!

” I thought these new expansion packs were supposed to be a good thing what have you done to us!”

Well Walter I am very sorry to say but you might be eating fish for a bit longer than expected… I’ve got some bad news.


You see folks I’ve only been playing this challenge for 2 seconds and already I’ve made a bit of a blunder. So Walter was supposed to become a celebrity chef, lifting the culinary restriction so we could buy and use kitchen appliances. However, to reach the top of the culinary chain he needs the gourmet cooking skill, which can only be gained by reading books which is currently prohibited by the Author Restriction.

Already at rank 5 up the culinary career chain I didn’t want to waste such good progress so I’ve decided that Walter will now be lifting the Mixology Restriction. The restriction basically prevents Sims from drinking any liquids including alcohol and reward potions. Not as dire as not being able to eat or shower, but hey at least we’ll have booze!

” Wait so I have to make all these fancy cocktails but I’m not allowed to drink any of them? What kind of sick joke is this? You suck.”

I don’t make the rules buddy I just blunder through them.


Noemi gave birth to twins Alexander and Lincoln, but unfortunately didn’t get to enjoy the bliss of maternity leave for very long. There ain’t no funding for that in a post apocalyptic world.


With the addition of the twins, and the mob coming by to take away our entire household funds I quickly added a few floors to our 8×8 zombie proof shack before reducing the household funds back to $0. The kids room is complete with custom Fallout 4 styled walls to give the place that nice nuclear warfare touch.


” Mr White congratulations on the new babies man.”

” Babies! What babies?”


Yeah that’s right people it was a whole 2 days before Walter even realised he had two new sons upstairs. Then again, babies in the Sims are pretty boring.


Lincoln aged up, and although it’s not required by the rules I’ve decided to randomize all traits assigned to my Sims just to make things even more interesting. He rolled the self-assured trait and aspires to be a Whiz Kid.


His brother Alexander grew up looking very fancy, however what this photo doesn’t show is that on his feet he’s wearing thongs haha. He rolled Evil and aspires to be a Social Butterfly, what a combination.


” What’s up with your earrings Dad?”

” Look son in an apocalypse you can’t get too picky with your outfit choices. Randomization can be cruel, just look at your brothers feet.”




” Woah little dudes I’m just here to take a piss, chill.”


It seemed that zombies were magnetised to the house, they just couldn’t stay away.

” Bella I’m trying to meditate up here for my big promotion tomorrow, go home!”

” I have no home, it blew up in the nuclear fallout. Can’t I sleep on your roof?”


” Daymn zombie or not, he looks mighty fine cleaning that grill.”

No joke Noemi kept rolling wants to flirt with Mortimer, guess that rotting skin must be a real turn on.


” Alex here’s the sink where you’ll have to wash your hands a hundred times a day just to get your hygiene in the green for a few hours.”

” Ew it’s icky.”


” Daddy why are we so poor and stinky?”

” Well son you see I used to be the worlds best met— umm mentos cook, yeah mentos. And well one day I mixed mentos with coca cola and the neighbourhood exploded and here we are.”


” Ugghhh here’s another promotion for you, can I play some video games now I am exhausted.”

Not on my watch buddy, there’s no FUN in Apocalypse.


” My parents say I can’t go outside because I’ll get eating by zombies, will you be my friend?”

” I aint the social bunny kid buzz off.”


” Far out kid someone needs to take you outside and hose you down. And people say that we zombies smell!”


” Honey wanna try my signature cocktail?”

” Maybe just a little sip..”

I don’t think so guys, not until the Mixology restriction is lifted! The amount of times I’ve had to cancel interactions with prohibited items is insane.


” Hahaha I’m playing video games and you can’t stop me!”

Cheeky little shit, I swear Alexander has no regard for any of the rules either just like his parents.


” I was just putting it in the bin I swear.”


” Hey little scamp, do you kids want to play some ball?”


Even walking to school is dangerous with all the zombies roaming the neighborhood.


Now that the culinary career isn’t going to be lifted they’ll have to stock up on enough fish to feed the family for a very long time. Lord help us.

” Could we use this rotting log to make food Walter, like a salad or something?”

” Maybe we could use it as a bruscheta base.”


Walter is that an empty cup I see!

” Look lady I’ve had a long day at work, papa needs a beer.”


” Yay I’ve finished all my homework do you think my grades will improve!”

If the teacher has an impaired sense of smell maybe.


Noemi was progressing through her career very well reaching level 6 of the journalist branch! However, in a few days she’ll become an elder. And I swear to god if you die before lifting the no showering restriction Noemi I will get the Grim Reaper to bring you back so I can kill you myself.


Oi what have I said about no drinks!

” Hey lady I’m not even apart of this apocalypse family, I do what I want.”


” Hey can one of you boys pass me the paper?”

” Just keep walking.”


Nothing says perfect selfie location like the bathroom.

” Excuse me I need to pee!”


” Ladies and gentlemen, the fireball…. ARGGHHHHHH”



Walter what the fuck, where did you get those apple slices from, that’s not fish!


” Don’t worry I’ve got this under control.”

Thank goodness Noemi to the rescue while Walter just squealed in the corner. Thought my challenge was going to burn to the ground.


Now since the cocktail bar was reduced to dust I deleted it and bought a new one for the rooftop. Technically I don’t think this breaks the Body Builder rule (can’t move objects larger than 1×1 size), gotta love a loophole. Now our bar is a little more scenic and we’ll have room in the kitchen for a fridge one day. Good job Walter, try not to burn this one down.


Alexander and Lincoln grew up and without birthday cakes no one really cared, isn’t that sad.


” Hey Lincoln now that you’re all grown up it’s time for me to give you a lecture on Woohoo.”

” Oh god Dad please no.”

I’m not even kidding, as soon as the twins grew up Walter marched right over and began having ‘the talk’.


Welcome to family twister night at the White house. Nothing says family bonding like impaling your limbs through your loved one!


” Wow mum you look so old!”

” Shame my sense of smell hasn’t started deteriorating.”


” Hey Don my husbands at work, how about you come over and give me some zombie loving?”


Mmm rotting corpse lips. Sim’s really aren’t that picky are they?


” Today I will fight my way through the blood-thirsty zombies and I’m gonna get that final promotion. Then I’m coming home and getting so wasteland wasted.”

A true hero.


Hey mate what have I said about no video games!

” Oh come on it’s only Tetris.”

Friggin disrespectful Sims.


” Thanks for the woohoo but can you put your clothes back on and hustle on out of here before my husband gets home from work?”

” Can’t we run away together? I’ll turn you and make you my zombie bride?”

” Oh god stage 4 clinger alert, get outta here.”



After ages spent mixing drinks, trying to make something drinkable, your master Mixologist sim stumbles on a genius drink mix that, when added to any liquid, neutralizes the radiation and renders the liquid safe to drink. Cheap and easy to make, your Sim distributes this miracle drink mix to the whole region, allowing Sims everywhere to raise a glass and drink to their health.

Walter you bloody rippa, good work! Not exactly the restriction I wanted to have lifted, but hey 1 down, 19 more to go. Until next time folks, happy simming!

2 Responses to Chapter 2

  1. What fun! For us,….Not poor Walter and his clan. Great chapter! “Cheers!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oddly enough, being able to partake in a mind-altering substance which can easily lead to substance abuse seems like just the sort of thing an ex-Meth King would make his top priority during a zombie apocalypse. Congrats, Walter!

    Liked by 1 person

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