The Rules

The Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge has many restrictions and is extremely difficult in the very beginning. Each career branch has its own set of restrictions tied to it. You must abide by all of those restrictions, once a Sim reaches the top of a career branch, the restrictions related to that career branch are lifted. You no longer have to obey them. Even if that Sim quits their job, the act of reaching the top level of a career will permanently lift that career branch’s restrictions.

There is a catch, however. Only one set of restrictions may be lifted per Sim. Even if you can get them to the top of more than one career in their lifetime, only the first one counts towards completing this challenge.

The challenge ends when every set of restrictions has been lifted. Your “Score” is the number of Sim days it takes you to accomplish this feat.

Universal Rules

1. No cheats, custom content, or mods that would give you an unfair advantage over someone who didn’t have them. The Move Objects cheat is allowed, but restricted by a career-specific restriction that must be lifted before you can use it.

2. You may not age up sims early.

3. You may not adopt infants or children.

4. Play on normal lifespans.

5. You must follow all career-specific restrictions until a Sim reaches the top of that career, at which point the actions and objects previously forbidden by the restriction are now allowed for all sims in the household.

6. You may only play your Apocalypse family in the neighborhood and they may not move to new lots during the challenge.

The Career Specific Restrictions

Tech Guru – Startup

The world has pretty much given up on the city as a lost cause. A few humanitarian suppliers risk the journey in, but they only offer the most basic and meager of furnishings. The region used to be host to some high tech industry, but all of that is abandoned. The little luxuries in life are the last thing on everyone’s list.

Only the worst version of any item class may be purchased or used. For the purposes of this restriction, single and double beds are two different item classes. If another restriction outright restricts an entire item class, that restriction takes priority until it is lifted, even if you lift this restriction.

Tech Guru – eSport Gamer

The  backbone servers and fiber optic cables that used to bring the internet to the region were fried during the meltdown. Now power is scarce, electronics are faulty and computers are crippled in their functionality. Cell phone towers were taken out too, crippling phone functionality to the region.

The computer may only be used for daily tasks required by a Sim’s job (if said daily task requires use of a computer) and nothing else. The cell phone may only be used to take or quit a job and cannot be used to play games, chat, text, prank, or invite other sims. TVs and electronic notebooks may not be purchased or used either.

Business – Investor

Commerce and trade used to be a cornerstone of the Glassbolt region. All of that is in shambles now. While there are some companies importing some basic survival items into the region, nobody is bothering to try and export anything. The assumption that there is nothing of value to export and that whatever is exported might be tainted with the lingering radiation means that nothing of value is leaving the region, and very little money is flowing back in.

You cannot sell Buy/Build mode items or collected/harvested items. Cannot do any interactions with the Geo Council for found items. Cannot publish books (You may self-publish) or songs. Cannot write and sell Jingles.

Business – Management

It is amazing that some companies have remained in the region. But it soon becomes clear that most of them are taking advantage of the situation and labor standards are being ignored to the detriment of the workers. With unemployment so high, bosses feel free to use and abuse their workers and fire them on a whim knowing they can be easily replaced.

You may not take any days off, either as vacation OR family leave. If your Sim misses work, is late for work or leaves work early they must quit the job and may not re-take the same career ever. If a Sim voluntarily quits their job, or switches to a new job, that Sim may never re-take their old job. Elder Sims may not retire. Sims cannot ‘play hookey’. While at work, you must choose either work normally or “Work Hard” as your Sim’s work mode and may not choose any other work modes.

Note: Sims who have the “Professional Slacker” trait are exempt from this restriction

Culinary – Chef

The destruction in the region has cut gas lines and made the electricity grid very unstable. As a result, gas and electrical appliances can’t be relied on to cook and preserve food. The citizens of the area are forced to resort to more primitive cooking methods and living off the land to stave off starvation.

You may not purchase, place, or use any refrigerators, stoves, ovens, or microwave ovens or coolers. Non-fish items may not be cooked on grilled on fire pits. If you do not have the Outdoor Retreat game pack, you may make non-fish items on the grill, but must move a fish in your inventory to the family inventory each time you cook a meal.

Culinary – Mixologist

There is something in the water. In fact, there is something in all liquids that are made in the region. The radiation in the air seems to easily trickle into liquids making drinking anything a risky and unhealthy affair. Only the juices and liquids locked in fresh food seem to be safe, which is just enough to stave off total dehydration.

Sims may not drink any drinks made at a bar. They may not drink any Lifetime Happiness reward potions. They may not have drinks from a fridge or cooler and cannot brush their teeth at a sink. Newborns may not be bottle-fed. Your Sim may make drinks to practice, but you must throw them out.

Astronaut – Space Ranger

The radiation cloud released by the meltdown has taken the form of a dark and grim cloud, blocking out much of the sky and sunlight. The presence of the cloud makes sleeping outdoors unsafe and the lack of sunlight sets the entire region on edge, unable to appreciate the beauty of many objects around them.

All objects must be covered by four walls and a roof and sims may not sleep outdoors. Sims may not travel to or vacation in Granite Falls (If you have the Outdoor Retreat Pack). Sims may not stargaze or cloud watch or use the telescope to watch the sky. You may not enable the mood auras on any mood aura objects. Tents may not be used. Mailboxes, Outdoor trash cans and rocket ships are all exempt from the “Must be covered by 4 walls and a roof” rule.

Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler

The prototype designs for the next generation of objects was stolen from the region’s high tech industrial sector during the chaos and confusion of the meltdown. The knowledge of how to make those unique and special objects has been lost. Worse still, the blueprints for do-it-yourself improvements are missing, rendering the handysims of the region clueless on how to improve the functionality.

Cannot place, sell, or use career reward objects. May not upgrade any objects other than rockets.

Painter – Master of the Real

Art has taken a back seat to survival. Who wants to look at drawings when one doesn’t know where their next meal will come from? Anyone who had artistic talent in the region has forgotten how to make emotionally powerful objects.

Your Sims may not paint mood-aura paintings. Handysims may not create emotional aura items on the workbench. (Items with just a plain environment score are not considered emotional aura items) Authors may not write emotional books.

Painter – Patron of the Arts

The outside world is largely cut off from those in the region. Given that there is no market for works of art within the region itself as your fellow survivors care more about food and shelter than pretty pictures, even the greatest masterpiece will go unheeded and the greatest artists unrewarded for their work.

You may not sell any Sim-produced objects. May not self-publish books

Writer – Author

The libraries and the bookstores are gone. Only stray books can be found these days. If your Sim wants to read more than the handful of books that come with new bookshelves, they had better hope they  know a local author or write one themselves.

You may not order books from bookshelves or online, and may not visit library lots (even if visiting other lots is otherwise allowed).

Writer – Journalist

The state of the region is terrible. The sanitation system is in ruins, medicine is scarce and the worst part is…the rest of the world doesn’t realize how bad it is. Rather than properly investigate the region, the major media outlets of the world have largely glossed over the events in Glassbolt. The rest of the world doesn’t know how bad it actually is and because of this few seem eager to lend a hand.

You may not purchase or use showers, tubs or, shower/tub combinations. When Woohooing, if the “Try for baby” option is available, you MUST choose it rather than Woohoo. May not ‘take pregnancy test’ on a toilet.

Secret Agent – Diamond Agent

The radiation released by the meltdown wasn’t just your normal, run-of-the-mill radiation. The plant was experimental and the resulting radiation has had some…unique effects on those who were near the power plant when it blew. Zombies. And not just regular zombies, but RADIOACTIVE zombies roam the major streets. It is unclear what makes them tick or what they are after, but it is not safe to travel between neighborhoods, lest the zombie hordes get you. The thread of zombies have made people paranoid about letting anyone into their homes.

Sims may not visit community lots or enter neighborhood houses (They may still wander their local neighborhood, as long as it doesn’t cause a loading screen. This does not prevent Sims from leaving for work. May not move sims out of the household (Besides your initial imported family to slim it down to 1 member if needed)

Secret Agent – Villain

Something must have snapped in the mind of Glassbolt’s mayor. When the meltdown took the life of his pet llama, the mayor went a little insane, enacting bizarre zoning laws and mobilizing the region’s fire and police forces to enforce them while ignoring the suffering and other problems that a police force might otherwise be able to help with.

When you start the challenge, you must choose an 8X8 square on your lot. You may only build in this area. Nothing may be placed outside the 8X8 area. You may not sell or delete urns or gravestones or ‘release spirit’.

Entertainer – Musician

The people of the region have difficulty relaxing. Living in a nuclear hell-hole has a way of keeping you focused on the here and now. Music is seen as a waste of time and the local radio stations have all been destroyed in the disaster. People seem more set in their ways and stubborn to try new things or give into their changing impulses.

Sims may only only “Practice” instruments, and may not do any other interactions on them. They may not purchase or use any kinds of radios or stereos. You may not change a Sim’s aspiration, even if they have completed it (Other than the forced change going from childhood to teenager). You may not cancel whims.

Entertainer – Comedian

The people of the Glassbolt region are a depressed group, and rightfully so. But depression feeds more depression and people become more hesitant to gather together or even look at themselves in a mirror. Nobody laughs or feels they can make merry and everyone is on edge.

Sims may not throw parties and may not go on dates. They may not invite other Sims to their lot. They may only invite in one Sim per generation to join the household. Sims may not use mirrors.

Criminal – Boss

The one thing that wasn’t destroyed by the blast was the local mob. With law enforcement severely weakened and unable to maintain order, the mob has volunteered itself to ‘protect’ the residents. The upside is that burglaries are non-existent. The downside is that this ‘protection’ has a price – everythMing you made that week. Residents are in such bad shape, that saying ‘no’ is not an option.

Whenever you are due to pay bills, pay them (if able) and then reduce your household funds to $0 using the money cheat. (Open cheat console with ctrl-c then enter ‘Testing Cheats on’ without the quotes and hit enter. Then ‘Money 0’ without the quotes and hit enter). You may not spend any money while you have outstanding bills or once the mail carrier appears on the lot until the bills are paid and the household funds reduced to 0.

Criminal – Oracle

Things are bad, but they seem almost artificially bad. As if the universe was conspiring against the people of Glassbolt at the whim of some cruel otherworldly power. Sadly, the people of Glassbolt are powerless to act upon this paranoid feeling and must go about their lives.

Sims may not use the move objects cheat. You may not download or import any Sims from the Gallery or place any Sims into the neighborhood (other than your founder at the start of the challenge). You must use the money cheat to remove any money brought in by a spouse moving in (if they bring any money in).

As an added bonus, upon lifting the Oracle restrictions, you may legally use the “Kaching” cheat once per Sim day (Other money cheats are still restricted)

Athlete – Professional Athlete

People feel hopeless in the region. The bare minimum is done and nobody thinks they can aspire to greatness. “Good Enough” is the attitude of the day and people think the days of role models and heroes is over.

You may not purchase any reward traits for your Sims.

Athlete – Bodybuilder

The wave of radiation produced by the power plant turned many people into zombies. Those not turned into zombies found themselves severely weakened. Muscles can barely lift what they used to and people struggle just to stand, let alone haul heavy loads or lift heavy objects.

You may not move or sell any objects that have a footprint larger than 1×1 once they are placed and build/buy mode is exited. Cannot carry more than one stack of objects in personal inventory at a time. You may not remove any items out of family inventory, regardless of size. (You may place items into it, but they may not be brought back out until this restriction is lifted)